Adding Documents and Pins

Adding and Managing Documents

Let’s take a closer look at how to post and manage documents.  Once uploaded, each document has additional tabs or functions accessible by a Manager or Administrator of the site.  Under the Edit tab within a document or when using the Add New Document button, settings for each document can be changed.

Documents Dashboard


Documents can be managed from the dashboard, such as edit, unpublish, delete or adding documents.  

  • Document size is limited to 25mb by default to improve the loading time for users on slow internet connections or older computers. If your document is larger than 25mb, we recommend to compress it or to split it into multiple PDFs
  • It is important to save your documents as Adobe optimized PDFs as this provides the best type of compression.
  • Do not use special characters in a filename.  This increases the chance that it will interfere with the file fully loading and the system mishandling the filename

Add a New Document 


  • Title - Name of document
  • Call to Action - Specific to each document, will display only on the document page.
  • Short Description - Displayed on the homepage under the title and on the document detail page.  Limited to 500 characters.
  • Comment Period End Date - Enter a date and time to set an end date for the commenting period.  This can also be done manually by going to the Comment Settings tab on the edit page and clicking on the “Closed” radio button.  Once the document is closed to comments, the homepage will reflect that commenting is closed and show “read only” status over the thumbnail. 4_Managing_Docs_-_Commenting_Closed.png
  • Document Options
    • Download - by checking or unchecking the “Allow Document to be Downloaded” you will control if a download button is displayed at the top of the document for participants to download the pdf.  If the button is unchecked viewers will not be able to download the document.5_Managing_Docs_-_Downloads.png
    • Show Table of Contents - Konveio automatically displays a Table of Content navigation showing all bookmarks defined in your PDF. No button will show if your PDF does not contain bookmarks or if this setting is disabled. 
    • Pin to Top of Homepage - Selecting this will display the document on the top of the list or in the first tile of the documents homepage.  If selected on multiple, documents will revert to be sorted by date loaded.  

Document Advanced Settings - Advanced settings by document

  • Front Page - Radio button to show on homepage, un click to hide document.  Add description to document.
    • Show on Homepage - To hide the document from the homepage uncheck the radio button.  This can also be used to allow a limited group to have access to the document by only sending the direct link to selected users. 
    • Thumbnail - Reduced size version of an image or picture displayed with the document.  Files must be less than 100 MB.
      • Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.
      • Images must be smaller than 2024x2024 pixels.
      • Images should be a square image.  If it is not, images will resize/crop into a square resulting in a portion being cut off or undesired white space.
        • Default Image - if customized thumbnail isn’t uploaded. 
        • 3_Managing_Docs_-_Default_Image.png
  • Password
    • Document Password - Set a password to limit who can access or strengthen the security of document. 6_Managing_Docs_-_Password_Required.png
  • Comment Setting - Select the Open, Closed or Hidden radio button to manually update the commenting on a document.    
  • Comment Visibility - By default comments will show to all users. By unchecking both Unregistered and Registered users the comments are only visible to the managers and administrator. Changing comment visibility is document by document option.  When comment visibility is turned off, users will be able to see their own comments only. If the user is registered, they will still be able to find their comments on the My Comments tab.
  • 2022-03-11_11-50-54.png
  • Comment Instructions - Update the instructions in the green bar across the top of a document. 
  • Step-by-step guide - Enabling this allows you to add a quick introduction and content to guide users through your document.  Content will appear on the associated pages and PDF file selected.  Multiple pages of guide can be created by using the + Add another item button.  
    • 2020-02-13_13-42-18.png
    • Producing a Green Guided Tour to your participants.  Users can minimize with the down arrow or close with the X
    • 2020-02-13_13-44-36.png
  • Menu Setting -
    • Provide a menu link - Checking radio button will add a link to the navigation bar at the top of the page or navigation site menu.   
    • Parent Item - Can be selected to add multiple drop down under a parent item.
    • Weight - Determines the order of multiple links horizontally.  2020-06-04_16-29-03.png
    • Provide a Back Link - Select radio button to create a link shown in the upper left hand corner back to a different document or overview page.  Add in your own text for link and back link.  As you type in the name of a document or page on your Konveio site, the Back Link will automatically populate. 
    • 2020-06-04_16-31-44.png


  • Authoring Information - Author can be changed by starting to type desired user name and selecting from drop down.  Author will receive email notifications for comments on the document, either immediately or in a daily digest, depending on their account settings. This can be changed on the My Account tab. 
  • URL Path Settings - The URL will automatically be generated from the input of the “Title” field of the document.  Alternatively, you may uncheck the box and enter in a custom URL alias.
  • 2020-02-13_13-37-06.png

Embed Document

You can embed a document to another website by opening the Embed tab>Copy Code>Paste into desired location.  



Multiple Documents


  • Uploading by Chapter - Split a file/document to load in multiple chapters or subtitles to simplify the navigation.  Arrange order of chapters by dragging and dropping up or down. Documents_-_Chapter_Dropdown.jpg

All users will have the functionality to use a drop down bar under the Current Selection to view the chapters of the document to navigate through.   



  • Add New Pin - A PIN can be added within a document either to the sidebar or the content directly throughout a document.  Content Pins can be moved by simply by dragging from the crossed arrows.             
  •     2020-02-13.MovePin.png
    • Sidebar Pin - populates on the left hand side of a document within a set page range. Can be moved up and down with the Priority setting within the edit or create function.  To add a sidebar Pin, select the Add Pins button.  The + symbol will appear allowing you to add detail to the Sidebar Pin
    • Content Pin - appears within the page. To add a content pin, select the Add Pins button. The same pin symbol will appear allowing you to add detail to the Content Pin. 
      • Create Pin - The Create Pin form will include the following categories 4_Pins_-_Create_Pin.jpg 
        • Flyout Title - Title that appears on hover
        • Icon - The icon selected for the pin will be a symbol used to represent the content. Name of “Font awesome” icon (see hereicon must always start with fa-). Or upload your own icon graphic. 
        • Pages - Sidebar Pins can be displayed throughout a page range or on a single page, eg “1-5 or 8 or 1, 3,6”
        • Priority - Sidebar Pins are sorted by priority.  Higher priority Pins float to the top of the list, lower ones to the bottom
        • Link - hyperlink to a different location in the website or to an external website
        • Video - YouTube video
        • Discussion - Create a new content overlay (pin) and select discussions. If the feature is available to your plan level, you will find the discussions dropdown available at the bottom of the list of content types.
        • Webform - Create and add in web form, survey or questionnaire.   If your document requires the same form in multiple places, you can now reuse one form and simple add a location identifier to track within the comment reporting where in the document it was submitted.  3.5 release available March 2020
        • 2020-02-26_10-23-24.png
        • Text or HTML - General text
        • Embed Code - Embed code from third party services, like Google Street Views
        • View/Delete Existing Pins - Pins can be modified or deleted within the document by opening the Pin from the cog
        • 2020-02-13_09-12-09.png
        • All Pins within a document can be viewed on the Pins tab. Here Pins can be filtered by Type or Author. Existing Pins can be Edited, Unpublished or Deleted from the Pins tab. 


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