Discussion Boards

Discussion board is a feature allowing you to add questions to create a discussion forum where users can reply to other comments and or support with a thumbs up or down. 

Discussion Dashboard


Discussions can be managed from the dashboard to edit, unpublish, delete or adding new discussions.  They must be built out here prior to embedding in an Overview page on Konveio. 

  • Discussion Title - Add your question here.
  • Thumbnail - Can be left empty or will be used when embedded into an Overview page.
  • Short Introduction - Additional information that will show up under the question.  Text, image a you tube clip or anything you want your users to respond to. 

Button Label - give your button a name

  • Comment Settings
    • Enable Users - unclick radio button to require users to register before participating in discussions. If enabled users will be required to log in or register. 2021-02-19_12-54-22.png
    • Comment Settings - allow users to comment 
    • Agreement Scale - scale and featured comment tab can be use to test how strongly participants agree or disagree with a statement. 
    • Enable featured comments tab - This feature allows you to show your users by percentage how many users agree and disagree by percentage.  The comments and results will be grouped into three categories - Agree (agree & strongly agree), Neutral, and Disagree (disagree & strongly disagree) You can use All Comments or Feature comments.


When selecting the Featured Comments tab and Comments, you will then have the option to edit, unpublish, remove or make a comment a Featured Comment.  


    • Display name and email fields - Will allow users to enter name and email. The content of the email field will not be displayed publicly.  


    • Make name and email fields mandatory - This check box will make it mandatory to enter
    • Display comment replies - Enable comment replies to be displayed or hidden
    • Enable Idea Wall layout - The Idea Wall displays comments as sticky notes.  This layout allows for other users to express agreement with thumbs up or down but does not allow for other users to reply.  2021-02-19_12-41-39.png

Report Tab

Just as you can pull reports with comments on documents, you can pull reports from a Discussion Board in PDF or CSV.  The reporting function allows you to filter the comments by discussion type or comment tag before building a graph or downloading. 


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