Direct my own domain to my Konveio site

If you have registered one or more domains (.com, .net or .org for example), you can direct each to go to your Konveio site.  To get started it requires a few steps:

  1. For the main domain that you'd like everyone to go to, you'll need to change the main A record of the domain to point to (US Server) with your registrar (ex - GoDaddy) account (you can find instructions at  Please let us know if you are using a server outside of the US.
  2. Other domains should just forward to the main domain (
  3. When those steps are completed, notify the Konveio support team by sending us the domain selected to be the primary. We will then migrate your site over to that domain, at which point the old URL no longer works. User accounts, passwords and content for your Konveio site will all stay the same.  
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