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Google Analytics is an entirely free service which helps you understand who your audience is, how they reached your site, and what they did once there. Before it can be of any use, you have to “start the clock” to have insights to analyze. 

To use Google Universal Analytics (UA) to measure the number of users or views on your site, you will need to set up an account before your site is published. If your organization has a google analytics account already, you may jump to creating a new property.

Once your Universal Analytics tracking code has been pasted into Konveio’s advanced settings menu, you’ve started the clock and will begin tracking all of the traffic and activities that take place on the website. (The field will not accept Google Measurement ID’s, so pay attention to step two as you create a new property.)

Here are the key steps: 

  • Open your Konveio site, and then open in a separate tab.  Log into a google account and click Start Measuring



Step 1: Account Setup to enter in your account name.  Once you are logged in, click on Admin> open the Advanced Settings tab and follow the prompts to flesh out your account details.

Step 2: Slow down here. There is an important step while setting up your property. In the middle Property column, click on the Create Property button.


Step 3: Click on Show Advanced Options and turn on the Radio button on the right to open the Website URL text box 


Step 4: Fill in your Website URL details, uncheck the Create both a Google Analytics 4 and UA property and Check the Create a Universal Analytics property only. Click Get Tracking ID button.

    • Make sure to get the US-### code and NOT the G-### series. 


Step 5:  Fill out the remaining info and then you’ll reach a page that lists a Tracking ID starting with “UA.” Copy the entire code.


To connect Konveio to your account, follow these steps on your Konvieo site:

Step 6: Log into your Konveio site>from the Dashboard>click on the Settings tab

Step 7: Scroll down and expand the Advanced tab>copy and past the Tracking ID from Google Analytics>click Save


Now you are set to use Google Analytics to answer questions such as:

    • How many people reached my page, and when?
    • Which promotional activity is driving most of my traffic? (Email? Social media? Weblinks? Outside organizations?)
    • How many people visited my project to learn, but didn't comment? 
    • Are people returning to my site to read or write new comments?
    • Did they navigate to other pages?
    • Are there other organizations promoting the project?

In a few business days, log in and confirm that it has begun tracking activities properly. If you have yet to launch your site, you will notice activity being tracked as you build out your site. 

Over time, you’ll see a dashboard full of data to work with.



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