Comment Reporting and Analysis


Now that your review or feedback period has ended, follow the steps below to analyze the results.

Check to make sure commenting is turned off. On the Edit tab of your document, set commenting to Closed.  Both Managers and Administrators will be able to comment on documents after commenting has closed, allowing those roles permission to answer or reply to comments after commenting is closed to the general public. This will leave comments visible for transparency purposes but your site will no longer accept any new comments or changes to existing comments.   If you have comments Hidden, this will hide comments on the document and on the reporting but registered users will be able edit or delete their own comments through the My Comments tab and view all comments in the Comments tab. 2020-05-15_15-37-06.png

If you have not already done so, you can review comments at a glance from the Comments tab of your document.  Using the Tag feature on the Comment tab, you can categorize comments along themes that you and your team find useful. Those tags can later be used to filter comments and run reports. 



On the Report tab of your document, you can now see how many visits your document has received, see how participants categorized their comments by type, comments by your tags, and a high-level overview of the sentiment in the comments received. Under Report Type you can choose to download a report of the comments either in PDF of CSV format. 

*Please note: Your document view count will not include any views that took place before your site received the March 2022 update. 

  • All reports include “bubble” location reflected in a numerical count.  Comments are counted and giving a location by "parent" comment.  Any reply to a parent comment will included in the "parent" count.  When examining the count on the PDF file and CSV file, the CSV may reflect more line of data vs the comment count in the bubble location on your PDF reporting.   
  • Downloads can be filtered by Type, Tag or Sentiment, and either include or exclude unpublished comments.  Hover over the circle chart to see the comments by count.  
  • Settings allow you to include/exclude: 
    • unpublished comments, footer on PDF exports, links on reports, agreement (thumbs up/down from report.



 **Please note, reporting pulled using the Comment Type and Comment Tags filtering will pull comments and all replies associated with that filter.  This can potentially show additional rows of data.  In the example below, we filtered for comments coded with "Answer" as the type.  Comment ID 4 is the parent comment and Comment ID 10 is the second reply to the parent comment.  As the Comment ID is unique, if a registered user or administrator deletes a comment you will notice the number sequence will skip any deleted Comment IDs.  The Comment ID will be generated in numerical order across all documents on your site.  If multiple documents are actively receiving comments you may also notice the ID number skipping. 



  • Select Documents - If your document contains multiple PDFs you’ll be able to generate a report containing individual or multiple.
  • Report Type
    • Document with Comments by Page (PDF) - Everything at a glance, including comment icons with a numerical id for each comment.  At the end of each page a new page will be inserted with a consolidated list of all the comment id and comments. This provides an at-a-glance version ready to share with clients, constituents or decision makers.
    • Comments Only (PDF)
    • Comments Only (CSV) - Exporting to excel will include eight data points - who left the comment, comment, reply, location, file and page.  It is helpful to download the document with the comment ids only, so this will as in the first option has all the ids.
    • Comment Locations Only (PDF) -  Useful in combination with the CSV export, if you want to look up comment references from the spreadsheet.
  • Download - option to hide footer on PDF, unpublished comments, , links on reports, agreement (thumbs up/down) from report.

Example exports:

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