Top Navigation with Dropdown Links

The navigation bar flows from the right to the left when looking at a screen.  Depending on how many items are in the menu, they may appear below the logo but cannot start from the left.  The menu can be adjusted by the weight settings in each page or through the top menu list links. 



Within the Edit function of the Overview page, scroll to the bottom Menu Settings.  Click the radio button Provide a Menu Link.  Enter in desired name for link or use auto generated name.  The Parent Item allows a page to be linked below an item.  The weight option will allow various links to be adjusted above or below other pages.

Menu items can also be adjusted from the navigation bar.  Hover and click on the cog shown below and open List links.


Adjust pages by grabbing the cross arrow2020-08-18_13-32-38.png and moving up/down or below a parent page.  The edit function allows for manual editing on each page.  



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