Our document is arranged in spreads. Is there a way to make the entire spread as the default view?

In order to present the entire document as full screen, a spread format would need to be exported and saved as separate pages rather than a spread.  If it is loaded as a spread the end user will need to scroll right to view the entire document.  Additionally, if downloading of the document is allowed, the end user will have to print on larger paper or reduced size on letter.   Use the following tips to make one page default view.   Clear cookies/cache after uploading the new document.

  1. How to "fit one full page to window" default - Adobe Discussion
  2. If the above doesn't work or is undesirable because of maps that require the spread, you can add an empty page next to the cover page to make the whole document a spread.  In the first version the single page at the beginning will throw off the default zoom.
  3. If the first page is set up as one wide page, it may require cropping the pdf page rather than adding a second blank page displayed as a spread.  See how to adjust your pdf in this situation -Example 
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