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To add a comment, simply click anywhere in a document. A comment box will open, allowing you to type your comment or question related to the location of your choice. 

Or, click on a yellow bubble to view and respond to comments made by other participants.   

NOTE: Commenting is slightly different for documents that require participants to be registered and logged-in vs. documents that are open to participation without user account:

Registered User - When adding a comment as a registered user, a comment box will open with an Add Comment and Comment Type section.


  • Comment Type - If enabled for this document, a dropdown list will populate prompting you to select a category for your comment.  The comment type will be visible to other participants in the body of the comment and will help administrators make sense of the feedback they receive.


  • Receive Notifications - this radio button allows you to stay in the loop and get notifications when somebody posts a reply to your comment. It will specifically turn on/off notifications to this specific comment.  To turn comments off for all replys to this and other comments you leave, see the Manage Account Settings Guide


  • Reply to Comment - Each comment box provides the opportunity for others to reply to it. 
  • Thumbs up/down - Use the thumbs up or down feature to second or oppose somebody else's comment, without having to type a full reply.

Unregistered Users - Commenting for unregistered users works very similar to registered users. However, as an unregistered user, you will be asked to additionally enter in your name and email address when adding a comment.  To remain anonymous, you can choose to submit the comment without populating the name and address field (this may be disabled on some sites). 


  • Edit/Delete - Anonymous users will not be able to edit or delete a comment once posted
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