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By default, each site maintains a spam filter that will attempt to block improper use of commenting.  However, it is important to understand how to monitor and manage comments.  From the Comments dashboard the administrator or manager is able to monitor comments from ALL documents within the site.  To download all comments, use the Export all Comments button. 



  • Filter - by Keyword, Type, Tags or Author
  • Published and Unpublished Comments - Comments are grouped by categories.  Within each category the Comment, Tags, Page, Author and Operation functions are present.
    • Tags - Add a tag to a comment by hovering over the pen & paper icon to bring up the box.  You will then be able to add or edit existing tags.  Click the checkmark to save the tag.  Predetermined tags added through the Settings tab will appear in the filter function at the top of the page.  
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  • Operations
    • Edit - manually edit or delete comments.  Deleting a comment will remove any record of the comment.  We recommend using the publish/unpublish as an alternative to deleting in order to maintain records of all comments associated with each participant.  
          • If deleting a comment, the administrator/manager will have the option to delete all comments or leave any replies to the comment being deleted.  If a registered participant is deleting their own comment any replies to that comment will remain. 
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      • Admins and managers can add comments or responses while commenting is closed to the public.  When commenting is disabled, no email notification will be sent out to give admins time to draft responses. 
    • Publish/Unpublish - is enabled at the point the comment is posted.  By clicking Unpublish a comment can be unpublished and removed from the site while maintained.g the comment in reporting records.  If you find the need to unpublish a comment you can follow up with the individual who posted it (verified users only) under the Author section and privately email the participant.  Comments must be deleted if the admin/manager do not want them to show in the reporting. 
  • Comment Notification - the author for each document can elect to receive comments immediately or in a daily digest, depending on the account setting set up under My Account.  If elected replies will always be sent to the author regardless if the document is closed or password protected.                                                    Comments_-_Comment_Notification.jpg

Adding Comments

Understanding how your participants will engage with information and leave comments.

Anonymous User


  • If enabled, individuals will be able to add comments without registering on the site and verifying their email address.  By clicking anywhere in the document, the Comments box will always open with a name and email field; however, the fields can be left blank when entering a comment to truly remain anonymous.  
  • Once the user clicks on Add Comment, the Comment Summary box will populate with the comment.  Comment_3.jpg
  • Reply to Comments - Anonymous users can reply to comments within a document.
  • Thumb Icon 
  • View Comments - Comments can only be viewed by an anonymous user within the document.
    • Edit/Delete - Anonymous users will not be able to edit or delete a comment once posted.

Participant - Registered User        6_Comment_-_register_login.jpg                  

Participant will become a registered user by providing a username and email address and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Use.


Once registered, a welcome message with additional instructions is sent to the email address used to register.  Use the one-time link to open the My Account tab in a new browser and create a password.

My Account - here a registered user will be able to manage their account settings. 


  • Username
  • Email
  • Change Password - to change the email or password, the current password must be correctly entered on this page.
  • Comment Notification Emails - Populated by default, indicates users will receive notification when someone replies to a comment. This can be turned off by using the dropdown to select “no notifications”4_Comments_-_notifications.jpg


My Comments Tab - Summary of all comments made by an individual.  When commenting anonymously this functionality is not available. The user must register in order for comments to be tracked and summarized on one page. 


  • Confirm - comments were posted  
  • Edit - From the Edit operation the user is given the option to
    • View Comment - the location where the document was posted within the document.
    • Edit or Delete 

Adding Comments - As a participant when adding a comment, the user will see a comment box with an Add Comment and Comment Type section.Comment_-_Comment_Type.jpg 

  • Comment Type - If enabled, a dropdown list will populate prompting the user to select a category for their comment.  The comment type will visible to other participants in the body of the comment.                                               Comment_-_Comment_Type_Reply.jpg
  • Receive Notifications - this radio button allows registered participants a second opportunity to disable notification by comment.Comments_-_Comment_Notificartion.jpg
  • Reply to Comment
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