Configuring your Konveio Site

2021-02-11_14-03-27.pngBranding and Homepage

The settings tab will display functionality to manage the Site Setup, Comments, Terms & Conditions and Advanced tools:


Site Setup 


  • Site Name - Site Name is a mandatory field notated by the *, but it can be hidden by clicking on the hide site name radio button.  This may be a desired option if your logo includes written content.
  • Tagline - a tagline, if entered, will be displayed directly under the Site Name on your homepage.  This can be left blank intentionally if no slogan or abbreviated content is desired.
  • Logo - You will see the Konveio logo loaded as a default on the site.  
    • Upload a new logo to replace default logo or click on hide logo checkbox to hide
    • Logo has maximum height of 100px and will resize to fit that height.  
  • Homepage Instructions - this area will be shown right above the List of Documents on the homepage. Use it for a brief call to action or short instructions.
  • Homepage Sort Order - Sort by most recent document first or alphabetically.  To sort by date see the following FAQ -
  • Default Homepage Style - Select the view of documents on your homepage.  List will be a vertical list view and Tiles will populate vertically with maximum three tiles per row. 
  • Homepage Sidebar Title - populated with “About” by default can be updated with a custom title.
  • Homepage Sidebar Description - can be populated with additional detail and description. 
  • Homepage Link to "More Info" - This is a button within the About block on the default homepage which allows you to add an additional URL to link to.  Use this to add a "More Info" button to this box. 
    • Contact Us button will be enabled through the Advanced form discussed below.
  • Select Alternative Homepage - Start typing the title of any content on your site to select a specific page (i.e Overview pages created as a new homepage).  Leave empty to use default homepage.  
    • Contact Us button will be enabled through the Advanced form discussed below.



Enter in a character limit to determine the maximum length of comments.

Expanding the comments section allows a couple of options on how commenting works.  


  1. Commenting - Registering users at the site level or document level - From the site settings you can allow users to anonymously submit comments without registering to the site for ALL documents.  This option removes the ability for the website to store comments by user as it is made anonymously.  Checking the second box will require users to register when commenting on ANY document unless Commenting is adjusted at the document level.    
    • Comment Types - There are three standard comment types that are enabled and visible to all users by default when entering a comment.  A drop down box will allow user will select the type of comment they are adding. Each comment type is color-coded. The order can be rearranged and different categories, added, renamed or deleted.   
      • Suggestion, Question, Idea
      • Hiding Comment Types - by selecting the Manager-only radio button, the drop down for a comment type will be available for manager or administrator level to view/use.
  2. Comment Tags - Tags are a type of filter that can be added to the comments by the manager or administrator. This is often used for qualitative comment analysis or coding.
  3. Comment Visibility - Moved to edit under each document. 


Terms & Conditions

Are enabled by default but can be disabled by unchecking the checkbox.  Content can be adjusted to add or remove additional terms or conditions.


Additional settings available to set up and enhance your Konveio site



  • Document Topic - The document type can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the radio button shown above.  When enabled a topic must be entered to successfully upload a document.  Once enabled topic types will be available across all documents.
  • Utility Navigation - Click radio button to hide black utility navigation bar from header.
    • Home 
    • My Comments - Quick access to comments made by current user
    • Dashboard - Administrator and manager access to upload documents, manage comments and change settings
    • My Account - Change account information like email, password and notification settings
    • Help - Guides and FAQs
    • Log in/out
  • Contact Form - Allow participants to get in touch with your selected admin or manager for the site.  When enabled this will populate a Contact Us button on the homepage. We highly recommend enabling the contact form by clicking the checkbox and assigning somebody on your staff to receive inquiries. 
    • 5_Homepage_-_Contact_us.jpg
  • Copyright Information - This will allow a copyright notice to be added to the bottom of the site.  Replace “Konveio” with your organization.
  • Site Time Zone - Dropdown with available timezones. Set this to your time zone to make sure that the end date of Comment Periods works as expected.
  • Google Analytics ID - If you intend to use Google Analytics to track how people are using your Konveio site, enter the Google Analytics ID for this property to the textfield.
  • Google Translate - Check radio button to enable translation.  When enabled this will populate the google translate dropdown in the upper righthand corner of the site and allow participants to choose desired language.  This will not translate text in pdf documents uploaded to the site. 
    • 2021-02-11_14-03-27.png
  • Zendesk Widget - Konveio offers basic technical support to you and your users. When the “Enable Zendesk Support Button” is selected the green support button will appear in the bottom right corner of the site to post a help ticket. Unselect the checkbox to remove the Support button. You and your team can still contact Konveio tech support by sending an email to 
    • 6_Homepage_-_Support.jpg


Konveio provides a range of different access levels called user roles. Registered and unregistered users are participants engaging in the site.  

  1. Unregistered - Can view documents and if enabled, unregistered users are able to comment anonymously.   
  2. Registered - Users register on the site by name and email.  Email address is run through a verification process ensuring it is a valid email address. Registered users can post comments and view their comments on the My Comments tab
  3. Manager - Managers have access to post and manage documents, add pins and download comment reports for their own documents.
  4. Administrator - Highest level with access to all content and tabs, including site-wide settings.  

Document Page

Each document uploaded to Konveio opens in its own detail page.  Depending on how each document is set up, users or participants are be able to scroll, search, comment and download documents.     


Admin Dashboard

Users with the Administrator role has access to manage the entire site through the Dashboard.  This includes the Settings tab.  The Manager role will have access to all the tab EXCEPT the Settings tab.  The tabs shown under the Dashboard will vary depending on the plan selected for your site.


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