Sentiment Analysis Values


The score of a comment's sentiment indicates the overall emotion of a comment. The magnitude of a comment's sentiment indicates how much emotional content is present within the comment, and this value is often proportional to the length of the comment.

It is important to note that the Natural Language AI indicates differences between positive and negative emotion in a comment, but does not identify specific positive and negative emotions. For example, "angry" and "sad" are both considered negative emotions. However, when the Natural Language AI analyzes text that is considered "angry", or text that is considered "sad", the response only indicates that the sentiment in the text is negative, not "sad" or "angry".

A comment with a neutral score (around 0.0) may indicate a low-emotion document, or may indicate mixed emotions, with both high positive and negative values which cancel each out. Generally, you can use magnitude values to disambiguate these cases, as truly neutral comment will have a low magnitude value, while mixed comment will have higher magnitude values.

When comparing comment to each other (especially comment of different length), make sure to use the magnitude values to calibrate your scores, as they can help you gauge the relevant amount of emotional content.

The chart below shows some sample values and how to interpret them:

Sentiment Sample Values
Clearly Positive* "score": 0.8, "magnitude": 3.0
Clearly Negative* "score": -0.6, "magnitude": 4.0
Neutral "score": 0.1, "magnitude": 0.0
Mixed "score": 0.0, "magnitude": 4.0

* “Clearly positive” and “clearly negative” sentiment varies for different use cases and projects. You might find differing results for your specific scenario. We recommend that you define a threshold that works for you, and then adjust the threshold after testing and verifying the results. For example, you may define a threshold of any score over 0.25 as clearly positive, and then modify the score threshold to 0.15 after reviewing your data and results and finding that scores from 0.15-0.25 should be considered positive as well.

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