Linking to a specific location, specific pages or bookmarks within a document

Link to Pages

To link to a specific page of a Document, simply append "?#page=3" to the URL, where the number represents the page number (e.g. in this case linking to page 3)



Link to Bookmarks

To link to a specific bookmark in a PDF, copy the bookmark name by clicking on the left icon in the Table of Contents...


... and then adding it to the URL, e.g. "?outline-name=Cover", where "Cover" is the bookmark name copied from the TOC. 


Link to Sections/PDFs

To link to a specific PDF, if you have uploaded multiple PDFs to your Document, simply add "?document=2" to the URL, where the number represents the position of the PDF in the section dropdown




To link to page 8 in the second PDF or section, you would create a link that directs to "  

The same works for bookmarks, e.g. "


Linking within Embed Code or Document

Embed a document into a pin or landing page on a specified page add the following code, #page=4 (desired page number), to the embed code of the document you are embedding. 

<iframe width="100%" height="800" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" class="doccomment-iframe"></iframe>


To locate the embed code on your document:


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